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Shown to Increase Early Reading Scores by 74%

Uses Kids' Interests to Motivate Learning

Shown to increase early reading scores by 74%

  • Just 15 minutes a day was shown to increase early reading scores
  • 1000+ lessons teach reading start to finish
  • 200+ offline activities, games, and worksheets

Helps kids fall in love with reading

  • Personalized pathway recommends stories based on your child's interests
  • 200+ interactive stories make reading fun
  • Fairy tales, fables, science, history build knowledge & vocabulary

Grows with your child as their skills improve

  • Starts with learning perfect for toddlers and guides them step-by-step up to age 8
  • Track your child's progress
  • Available on iPad, iPhone and the Web
“One of the most comprehensive apps for teaching reading.”

Motivates kids to learn more because it's fun!

“In just six weeks, with no intervention from teachers, students who used Homer for 15 minutes per day improved the key skills most highly correlated with future reading success. That’s a big deal.”
- Dr. Susan B. Neuman, former U.S. Asst. Secretary of Education, Professor of Early Childhood Literacy, New York University

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Homer's reading and learning app is a Mom's Choice Award winner. Homer's reading and learning app is a Teacher's Choice Award winner for the classroom. Homer was voted best reading program for the family as a Teacher's Choice Award winner.

Moms & Teachers Agree: Homer Really Works!

Our happy customers call us the best reading app for kids:

Helps Kids Gain Reading Confidence
"Homer has been one of these irreplaceable tools. It has made my child’s learning experience much less intimidating, and much more engaging."
Carla, Mom to a 5 year old boy
Unlike Any Other Learn to Read Program
"I have two kids, ages 6 and 4, and they both love Homer! My oldest enjoys learning about the Incas, US Presidents, the wonders of the world, etc, while my youngest loves the learn to read program. "
Stephanie E., Mom to a 4 and 6 year old
Effectively Teaches Kids to Read
"Ghianna, my eldest, now 5 years old, learned to read and learned English using Homer."
Joanna, Mom to a 5 year old girl
Makes Moms Proud
"This past week, my oldest son, Westin (6), did something that made me so proud! He was crowned ‘Sight Word King’ of his 1st grade summer enrichment program. Thanks Homer."
Sheena P., Mom of three children
We Love the Homer Learn to Read Program!
"Your child will not be bored!"
Susan, Mom to 3 and 4 year olds
The #1 Learn to Read Program Makes a Difference
"He is definitely benefiting from the reading sections!"
Karyn, Mom to 4 young children
Unlike Any Other Learn to Read Program
"A staple in our daily lesson plan!"
Savannah, Mom to 4 and 5 year old daughters
I Love Seeing His Smile When He is Learning to Read!
"I can’t wait to see what my son will read next with Homer! "
Pattie, Mom to a 4 year old
Homer Learn to Read Program is the Best Value!
"She gets hooked for hours!"
Mark, Grandfather to 7 year old
The Most Reliable Learn to Read Program
"Covers all the different aspects of learning"
Melissa, Mom to a 6 year old and 4 year old
The Best Learn to Read Program for my Family
"an exceptional array of content for children!"
Dani, Homeschool Mom to three children
Perfect Learn to Read Program for Homeschool Families
"I love that she can begin to learn to read without my help!"
Michelle, Mom to a 3 year old
The Best Learn to Read Program!
"Perfect for my classroom!"
Amanda H., Elementary School Teacher
A Worry-Free Learn to Read Program!
"It goes beyond basics of a-b-c’s!"
Kate, Mom to a first grader
The Homer Learn to Read Program is a Smart Choice
"A great resource for parents!"
Sydney, Mom to a 3 year old
The Perfect Learn to Read Program for the Whole Family
"Homer is the best!"
Sherri, Grandmother to a 3 year old

Help Your Child Fall in Love With Reading

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